Climate change demo, Parliament Square, 1.5.19

Protest against climate change in response to Jeremy Corbyn's call for a vote for a declaration of  climate emergency.

Defend Corbyn: Defend The Left, Indian YMCA, 11.3.19

Defend Corbyn, Defend The Left : Indian YMCA, London. Crucial meeting to defend Corbyn from outrageous accusations of anti-semitism.

Britain is Broken, London, 12.1.19

Oppose Tommy Robinson, National Unity Demo Against Fascism & Racism, London 17.11.18

Windrush Scandal: Protest! London 28.4.18

Small, but lively protest against outrageous treatment of Windrush generation migrants under the 'hostile environment' for 'illegal immigrants', created by this government. Marching from Parliament Square to the Home Office.

Protest for Gaza: Stop the Killing! Downing Street 7.4.18

Why We Need An Anti War Government. 15.2.18

Why We Need An Anti War Government meeting at Conway Hall organised by Stop The War.

Sack The Tories, Budget Day Protest, Peoples Assembly Against Austerity, Downing Street, 21.11.17

Justice Now ! Make it right for Palestine, National Demonstration, London 4.11.17

People's Assembly Demonstration Against Austerity, Take Back Manchester Festival, 1.10.17

'Not One Day More', People's Assembly Demo, London, 1.7.17

May Has To Go' Protest / Post Election Party. Parliament Square. 10.5.17

Stop Bombing Syria, Downing Street, 8.4.17

Stand Up To Racism Demo , London, 18.3.17

'It's Our NHS' National Demonstration, London. 4.3.17

'Stop Trump's Muslim Ban'. London 4.2.17

'Women's March', London, 21.1.17

'United for Education', London, 20.11.16

15 Years On, Time To Stop The War, London, 8.10.16

Tories Out, Austerity Has Failed, Birmingham, 2.10.16

Refugees Welcome Demo , London, 17.9.16

Corbyn for Labour Party Leader Rally, London, 28.8.16

Keep Corbyn Demo, Parliament Square. 27.6.16

Post Referendum Demo, Downing Street, 25.6.17

Convoy to Calais, Whitehall, London, 18.6.16

March For Libraries, Save Lewisham Libraries, 21.5.16

May Day, London, 2016.

Cameron Must Go, Health, Homes, Jobs, Education, London, 16.4.16

Refugees Welcome Here, London, 19.3.16

Kill The Housing Bill, London 13.3.16

Stop Trident, London, 27.2.16

March Against Housing Bill, London, 30.1.16

Stop Bombing Syria, London, 12.12.15

Don't Attack Syria, London, 28.11.15

Anti-Austerity Demo, Manchester, 4.10.15