SOAS: States, Markets and Violence in Drug-affected Borderlands 26.11.19


Professor Jonathan Goodhand, Dr Jasmine Bhatia, Dr Patrick Meehan (SOAS University of London) & Dr Francisco Gutiérrez Sanín (National University of Colombia).

The Corbyn Moment at the Lumen Rooms, 10.3.18

What next for the movement ? How far can a Corbyn led government go ? Can a Labour government really transform society ? Organised by Counterfire & Philosophy Football.

Cities in Contexts of Power and Counterpower: A Global Perspective. SOAS 23.1.18

Lovely to be invited back to photograph a seminar for the Department of Development Studies at SOAS. This time of Professor Emeritus Goran Therborn speaking about his recent book ' Cities in Contexts of Power and Counterpower: A Global Perspective. Thanks again to Feyzi.

'For The Many' Gig - a celebration of Jeremy Corbyn's campaign. O2 Forum, London, 1.7.17

'Surviving the 21st Century: How Can Diplomacy Respond to the Digital Age ? SOAS 22.3.17

Former Ambassador Tom Fletcher and author of 'The Naked Diplomat' discusses contemporary diplomacy with Lord Stewart Wood. Centre of International Studies And Diplomacy at SOAS 22.3.17.

Setsuko Thurlow, 'A Voice from Hiroshima', SOAS 21.3.17

Powerful testament from survivor of Hiroshima bomb and anti nuclear weapon campaigner Setsuko Thurlow. Centre of International Studies And Diplomacy's Annual Law Lecture at SOAS 21.3.17

SOAS: Development in Crisis, 14.3.17

Sadly the last meeting at SOAS's Department of Development for this academic year: Development in Crisis: States, Conflict, Refugees. Celebrating 25 Years of Development Studies at SOAS. Dr  Zoë Marriage, John Weeks, Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh, Alfredo Saad Filho, James Putzel and Gilbert Achcar.


SOAS: Capitalism and the Sea


Another fascinating evening covering the meeting 'Capitalism and the Sea' for the Department of Development at SOAS. Professors Alejandro Colás, Juan Grigara, Dr Liam Campling and chaired by Jo Tomkinson.


Centre For International Studies And Diplomacy Annual Law Lecture 2017

Very happy to have been asked to take photos for Centre of International Studies And Diplomacy's Annual Law Lecture at SOAS 7.3.17. Thanks to Raksha.

SOAS: The Russian Revolution  and Global Development. 28.2.17

Back to SOAS Department of Development Studies this time for 'The Russian Revolution  and Global Development' with Professor August H. Nimtz from the USA, Tomas Krausz from Hungary and the legendary Tariq Ali.

Revolution Russia 1917 one hundred years on, at the Rich Mix, London.25.2.17

Lively debate and discussion on the legacy of the Russian Revolution and its relevance for today with  an impressive lineup of speakers including : August Nimtz, Paul Le Blanc, Lindsey German, John Rees and Tomas Krausz.

Francesca Martinez in conversation with Ken Loach at SOAS. 9.2.17

Fantastic evening photographing Francesca Martinez in conversation with the marvellous Ken Loach at a packed screening of his film "I Daniel Blake' at SOAS organised by the Department of Development Studies.  9.2.17.

Violent Past, Hot Present, Extreme Future. SOAS London, 31.1.17

Back at SOAS this time to snap Andreas Malm, author of 'Fossil Capital' speaking  on 'Violent Past, Hot Present, Extreme Future: Episodes of Fossil Imperialism and Climate Change in Egypt, India and Nigeria'.

Demolishing Neo-Liberal Development Myths, SOAS, London, 17.1.17

Another evening at SOAS, this time taking pics of the Department of Development Studies meeting Demolishing Neo-Liberal Development Myths with Professors Jayati Ghosh, Erik S. Reinert and Rainer Kattel.

Agrarian Questions Then And Now, SOAS, London 6.12.16

It was a pleasure to take pictures for the SOAS Department of Development Studies at their meeting 'Agrarian Questions Then And Now' with distinguished professors Barbara Harriss-White, Henry Bernstein and  Jan Douwe van der der Ploeg. Thanks to Feyzi.


The London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery, 2015.

It was a great pleasure to take some photos for the launch of the book 'Flash 500' for publishers Akerman Daly, at the London Art Book Fair at the Whitechapel Gallery. Thanks Eileen.