Joe Armon-Jones at the Jazz Cafe 7.5.18

Joe Armon-Jones in a supporting role, playing keys for Mr Dukes. Mr D is not my thing, but he can choose his side players alright, Binker Golding was also with him. I know I say this about most venues, but I am not in love with the lighting at the Jazz Cafe, too much like a rock show spectacular ! Having said that,  I quite like this picture, Joe looks like he is controlling some sort of spacecraft.

Vels Trio at the Jazz Cafe 7.5.18

Best track played ? 'The Wad' their forthcoming single with Total Refreshment Records.

Kwake Bass & Hello Skinny at Archspace, 26.4.18

Mark Kuvuma and the Banger Factory masterclass at Kinetika Bloco at the the Festival Hall, 23.4.18

Really enjoyed this session. A short performance by Mark Kuvuma on trumpet, Mussinghi Brian Edwards on tenor sax, Davis Mrakpor on vibes, Artie Zaitz on guitar, Will Cleasby on drums & Michael Shrimpiling on bass. This was followed by workshop with aspiring musicians, loved it ! Even got to say hello to the talented trumpet player Sheila M. Maurice-Grey who is involved with Kinetika Bloco. Thanks to Steve Funkyfeet for turning me onto this.

Wildflower at the Pickle Factory, 8.4.18

I love this band and can highly recommend their eponymously named album. Idris Rahman: sax, Leon Brichard : bass & Tom Skinner : drums.

Rathisa x Danalogue at the Pickle Factory, 8.4.18

Percussionist & tabla player Sarathy Korwar presenting his solo project Rathisa alongside keyboard electric knob twiddler Danalogue, also known as Dan Leavers. Yes ! Better lighting tonight at the Pickle Factory, but that burning sage played hell with my auto-focus !

Yazz Ahmed at the Jazz Cafe, 6.4.18

Another showcase for her fabulous 'La Saboteuse'. Yazz Ahmed:trumpet, Dave Mannheim :bass, Samuel Hallkvist : guitar & Ralph Wyld :vibes at the Jazz Cafe 6.4.18

Leifur James at the Jazz Cafe, 6.4.18

Ginger Baker at the Jazz Cafe, 3.4.18

Cream's drummer Ginger Baker is legendary & notorious in equal measure. However tonight he focussed his energies on what he does best, and instead of the  drink and drugs of former days he had a nice cup of tea instead !

Pyjaen at the Jazz Cafe, 3.4.18

Another project involving Dylan Jones of Ezra Collective, Nubya Garcia's band etc. Pushing the boundaries of jazz, fusion and other influences, Ben Vize : tenor sax, Dylan Jones : trumpet, Dani Deodato : guitar, Ben Crane : bass and Charlie Hutchinson : drums. 

Collocutor at Total Refreshment Centre 29.3.18

Tamar Collocutor V plays Miles Davis' On The Corner at the the Total Refreshment Centre. Not my favourite Miles album, but I loved this performance. Bought a copy of their album 'The Search' as I was leaving and have been playing it non stop since. Tamar Osborn playing flute & saxes, Marco Piccioni on guitar, Suman Joshi on bass, Maurizio Ravalico playing percussion, and Sarathy Korwar on drums/tablas.

Sean Khan, London, 17.3.18

Had some laughs with Sean taking pics for promotion of his forthcoming album 'Palmares Fantasy' on Far Out Recordings. The album features the legendary Hermeto Pascoal, but with the temperatures plummeting & flurries of snow coming down it all felt a long way from the heat of Brazil . He looks cool, but he is actually freezing...


Yelfris Valdes at Total Refreshment Centre, 7.3.18

Launch of 'The World of Eshu Dina' EP by the amazing Cuban trumpeter Yelfris Valdes with Jamie Murray on drums, Mikel Montolli on bass and Nathan Britton playing keys.

Tenderlonious 3.3.18

I recently had the great pleasure of hanging out with and taking a few snaps of the seriously talented Ed Cawthorne, aka Tenderlonious and the front man of Ruby Rushton, at his home in South London.

Yussef Dayes with Mansur Brown at Ghost Notes, 28.2.18

Sold out show with Yussef Dayes, Mansur Brown & special guests including Nubya Garcia, Obongjayar, Yahael Camara-Onono and others down at a new venue 'Ghost Notes' in Peckham. 

Bilal at the Jazz Cafe, 21.2.18

I love Bilal's voice and many of his songs, Love For Sale is a great album, but this was way too rock and roll for me. Still it didn't seem to bother this adoring audience. 

Four Letter Word Festival, Old Blue Last, 18.2.18

Yazz Ahmed Trio & Ill Considered playing at the Four Letter Word Festival, Shoreditch 18.2.18. Couldn't understand why this wasn't packed out ! Still great to see Yazz Ahmed playing tunes from her fabulous album 'La Saboteuse', and 'Ill Considered' really killing it!

EABS play 'Repetitions' with Tenderlonious at the Total Refreshment Centre, 16.2.18

Only last year, after attending a talk on Polish Jazz by the guys at Lanquidity Records, I fell in love with the music of the Polish maestro Krzysztof Komeda. So I was thrilled to hear EABS contemporary take on his work 'Repetitions'. Live they were wonderful, especially with the addition of Tenderlonious. Another  genius night at the TRC !  Spisek Jednego on turntables, Olaf Wegier on tenor sax, Marek Pedziwiatr vocals, keys, Marcin Rak on drums, Vojto Monteur guitar, Pawel Stachowiak bass & moog, Jakub Kurek playing trumpet & Tenderlonious on flute.

Jason Yarde Trio / !WAH, Pickle Factory 11.2.18

'Tom Skinner presents' Jason Yarde Trio : with Jason Yarde on saxes, Larry Bartley bass & Mick Pickering playing drums at the Pickle Factory.  Support from !WAH featuring Joe Armon-Jones and Jake Long, where do these guys get their energy, not to mention creativity from ? The Pickle Factory is a great venue, but that red lighting is a nightmare for photographers....

Yelfris Valdes plays Donald Byrd's 'Black Byrd', Jazz Cafe 5.2.18

Classic Album Sundays present Donald Byrd's 'Black Byrd', with Yelfris Valdes on trumpet, Nathan Britton on keys, Dario Congedo on drums, Liran Donin on bass, Nathaniel Cross on trombone, Theon Cross on tuba & Christian Mendoza on guitar at the  Jazz Cafe, London 5.2.18

GW Jazz presents Future Jazz Now featuring Brother Testament at The Job Centre, Deptford 3.1.18

Brother Testament with a fantastic set of covers & originals : Munashe Caleb Manyumbu on keys, Sascha Create playing drums, Hugh Piper on bass & Mark Mollison on guitar

'We Out Here' Album launch at Total Refreshment Centre, 25th & 26th January 2018

Launch of Brownwood's 'We Out Here' album celebrating the best of the 'new sound of London jazz' , with Joe Armon-Jones, Kokoroko, Theon Cross, Nubya Garcia, Maisha & Triforce.

Nerija at Poplar Union as part of the 'Jazz Herstory' season, Poplar Union 18.1.18

Performing as part of the 'Jazz Herstory' season at the lovely new arts centre 'Poplar Union'. Melodic, tuneful & at times moving compositions from some wonderful musicians. Liz Excel playing drums, Sheila Maurice-Grey on trumpet, Cassie Kinoshi, Shirley Tetteh guitar, Nubya Garcia tenor sax & flute, Rosie Turton trombone & Rio Kai on bass

Launch of Hello Skinny's new album "Watermelon Sun', Total Refreshment Centre, London 17.1.18

Fabulous album by Hello Skinny "Watermelon Sun' featuring legendary trombonist Peter Zummo.  Tom Skinner on drums, Leon Britchard on bass, Nick Ramm on keys &  Robert Stillman on tenor sax. Total Refreshment Centre, London 17.1.18

Vels Trio at Jazz Cafe 13.1.18

Brighton's Vels Trio playing tribute to the wonderful George Duke. Cameron Dawson - bass, Dougal Taylor - drums &  Jack Stephenson-Oliver - keys with guests Ade Omotayo on vocals & Ed Riches on guitar at Jazz Cafe 13.1.18

GW Jazz presents Future Jazz Now featuring Ineza Kershkamp

Promising young vocalist Ineza Kershkamp with Adam Chinery on guitar, Deschanel Gordon on keys & Adam Woodcock playing drums. Deptford Job Centre, 6.1.18

ILL Considered , at the Servant Jazz Quarters, London 16.12.17

These guys can improvise ! Idris Rahman playing sax, Leon Britchard on bass, Emre Ramazanoglu on drums, Satin Singh & Yahael Camera-Onono playing percussion.

'Where Pathways Meet' at the Total Refreshment Centre, Total Refreshment Centre, 9.12.17

Talent abounds in this Sun Ra influenced combo led by Axel Kaner-Lidstrom on trumpet with James Mollison on tenor, Joe Elliot on alto sax, Rosie Turton on trombone, Mark Mollison on guitar, Michael Shrimpling on bass, Sarah Tandy on keys Sam Jones on drums & Kianja on vocals. 

Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin, Binker Golding Quartet & Maisha at the Jazz Cafe 6.12.17

Three amazing bands playing as part of a Ronnie Scotts showcase of British talent. Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin : Joe Armon-Jones, keys, Maxwell Owin, keys & electrics, Dylan Jones, trumpet, Jake Long, drums, Nubya Garcia, sax, Ben Hayes, keys & electrics, Mutale Chashi on bass. Binker Golding Quartet, Binker on tenor sax, Sam Jones on drums, Daniel Casimer on bass, Joe Armon Jones on keys. Maisha : Jake Long - drums, Nubya Garcia on tenor sax, Twm Dylan on bass, Shirley Tetteh on guitar, Sarah Tandy - keys. Yahael Camera Onono & Tim Doyle doing the percussion.


Shabaka Hutchings 'Tribute to Pharaoh Sanders', Pickle Factory, London 3.12.17

A very special tribute to the great Pharaoh Sanders with Shabaka Hutchings on tenor sax, Wayne Frances on alto sax, Theon Cross on tuba, Tom Skinner on drums, Maxwell Hallett on drums, Tom Herbert on electric bass, Ahmad Dayes on trombone & Dan Leavers on keys. As Shabaka remarked, "the spirits were moved".

Marshall Allen’s Double Spiral Infinity Quartet at The Vortex Jazz Club, London 1.12.17

Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra is still inspirational at 93 years of age, playing sax, flute, casio vl-tone, electronic valve instrument & vocals. Bonkers but sublime, with Kash Killion on bass, cello, sarangi & vocals, Avreeayl Ra – drums, bamboo flute. Ka on piano. 

Next Generation Takes Over EFG London Jazz Festival at the Barbican 12.11.17

Rising stars of the new jazz scene playing in showcase of music school talent. Trinity Laban Contemporary Jazz Ensemble and (I'm)Possibilities perform as part of the Next Generation Takes Over EFG London Jazz Festival at the Barbican 12.11.17

'Where Pathways Meet' Future Jazz Now presented by GW Jazz at the Job Centre in Deptford, London 4.11.17

Fantastic music , marvellous musicians with Axel Kaner-Lidstrom on trumpet, James Mollison on tenor, Joe Elliot on alto sax, Rosie Turton on trombone, Mark Mollison on guitar, Michael Shrimpling on bass, Dominic Stephen Canning on keys & Jake Long on drums. Serious talent and what gets me is they all play in other equally standout bands such as Nerija, Maisha, Ezra Collective and others....

Far Out Recordings 200th release launch party, Total Refreshment Centre 3.11.17

Real pleasure to take some pics for Far Out Recordings to celebrate their 200th release'Viajando Com O Som ' by Hermeto Pascoal. Saxophonist Sean Khan played some tunes from Hermeto's songbook with Sam Leak on keys and Laurie Lowe on drums. Plus guitarist ?? On the decks the great Joe Davis.

Tenderlonious & the 22archestra at Total Refreshment Centre, London 21.10.17

ChicagoXLondon, Total Refreshment Centre, 18.10.17

This one was a bit special and I didn't even get to see the headliner Makaya McCraven with Kamaal Williams and Soweto Kinch ! Disappointing though that was Jaimie Branch Fly or Die followed by  Theon Cross Trio were truly breath taking.

Church of Sound: Emma-Jean Thackray Ethio Jazz Songbook, 13.10.17

Yet again Church of Sound smashes it ! This time presenting Emma-Jean Thackray Ethio Jazz Songbook with Tenderlonious, Joe Armon Jones, Ben Kelly, Pie Eye Collective & Liz Exell. Krar Collective supporting. 13.10.17

Brazilian Resistance Songs Public Workshop at the Horniman Museum , London, 24.09.17

Brazilian Resistance Songs Public Workshop with David Treece discussing the lyrics of songs 'O Mestre Sala dos Mares' and 'Comadre' written during the dictatorship by Joao Bosco and Aldir Blanc. Plus beautiful vocals of Monica Vasconcelos with Ife Tolentino on guitar at the Horniman Museum , London, 24.09.17

Soweto Kinch at The Rich Mix 21.9.17

Soweto Kinch fusing jazz, spoken word and hip hop with Nick Jurd on bass and Will Glaser on drums  at the Rich Mix 21.9.17

Mansur Brown, Yussef Dayes & Guests | Jimi Hendrix Songbook at The Church of Sound 8.9.17

Church of Sound pulls off another amazing gig, first off a funky fusion of improvised Jimi Hendrix tunes. Later more thrilling improvisations of their own material by former members of Yussef Kamaal , Mansur Brown and Yussef Dayes, now joined by Charlie Stacey on keys.

Tenderlonious and the 22archestra playing at Worldwide FM's 1st Birthday party, London 7.9.17

The fabulous Tenderlonious and the 22archestra playing at Worldwide FM's 1st Birthday party at the Total Refreshment Centre in Stoke Newington, London 7.9.17

Shabaka Hutchings, Sarathy Korwar & Hieroglyphic Being. The Jazz  Cafe 17.8.17

Three fantastic musicians improvising a fusion of jazz, house and much more. 

Maisha at the Church of Sound 1.6.17

I try not to miss events put on by 'The Church of Sound', they are always outstanding & this evening was no exception. Playing two sets, 'Maisha' began with the music of Alice Coltrane and then a selection of their own compositions. Nubya Garcia on sax, Tim Doyle and Yahael Camara Onono on percussion, Shirley Tetteh on guitar, Amane Suganami on keys and Twm Dylan on double bass.  Amazing yet again.

Nubya Garcia at the Jazz Cafe 9.5.17

Nubya Garcia is an exciting young British jazz musician. Tonight she was launching her new vinyl 'Nubya's Five' playing with a stella lineup including : Moses Boyd and Femi Koleoso on drums, Daniel Casmir on bass, Joe Armon-Jones on keys, Theon Cross on tuba and Sheila M. Maurice-Grey on trumpet.

Orphy Robinson plays the Bobby Hutcherson Songbook at the Church of Sound. 22.9.17

Orphy Robinson put together a spectacular band of musicians to pay tribute to legendary American vibes player Bobby Hutcherson including: Tony Kofi on alto sax, Robert Mitchell on keys, Moses Boyd on drums, Nubya Garcia on tenor sax, Byron Wallen on trumpet, Rowland Sutherland on flutes, Dudley Phillips on bass with Orphy on vibes and marimba. This gig was later voted 2017 Live Experience of the Year at the Jazz FM Awards




Dayme Arocena with Shabaka Hutchings at the Church of Sound. 13.7.16

 Dayme Arocena plays the Leon Thomas songbook at the Church of Sound on Lower Clapton Road in Hackney. Jorge Luis Lagarza Perez on piano, Ruly Herrera on drums, Rafael Aldama Chiroles on bass and special guest on saxophone, Shabaka Hutchings.